AB023. Technology in the promotion of breastfeeding

AB023. Technology in the promotion of breastfeeding

Erdnaxela Fernandes do Carmo Souza1, Antonieta Keiko Kakuda Shimo2

1Hospital Samaritano, University Guarulhos - UNG, São Paulo, SP, Brazil;2Faculty of Nursing of the University State of Campinas - UNICAMP, Campinas, SP, Brazil

Correspondence to: Erdnaxela Fernandes do Carmo Souza. Hospital Samaritano, University Guarulhos – UNG, São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Email: enfxela@yahoo.com.br; erdnaxela.souza@samaritano.com.br.

Abstract: There are several advantages of breastfeeding for the mother-baby dyad, with regard to prevention, promotion and recovery of health, despite the scientific evidence, early weaning is still a frequent reality and new education strategies are necessary contribute to changes in this scenario. Therefore, a randomized clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of an educational kit for breastfeeding—“KEAM” in puerperal counselling. Participants were 104 puerperae (intervention group =52 and control group =52) from a large private hospital in the city of São Paulo, and were monitored up to 60 days after the baby's birth. The results of the study confirmed that, in fact, “concrete/manipulative” didactic materials used in the Educational Kit, in addition to verbal guidance, help to establish/incorporate the information provided on breastfeeding, being able to provide puerperal mothers with more practical skills when necessary. The relevance of the implementation of this strategy in health institutions, to effectively contribute to the care and maintenance of exclusive breastfeeding for longer. It was also found that the support network during the puerperium was fundamental for the maintenance of Exclusive Breastfeeding. As well as, to identify the sociodemographic and obstetric profile of the puerperal users of private health services, enabling health professionals, better planning in line with this population, since these data are scarce in the literature, strengthening existing positive aspects and the implementation of effective and safe strategies for a better future for children.

Keywords: Breastfeeding; health technology; nursing care; obstetric nursing

doi: 10.21037/pm.2020.AB023
Cite this abstract as: Fernandes do Carmo Souza E, Shimo AK. Technology in the promotion of breastfeeding. Pediatr Med 2020;3:AB023.