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Abnormal uterine bleeding

	author = {Kylie Miller and Jessical Konal and Kelly Brown and Maria Demma Cabral},
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	abstract = {Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) is a common, yet urgent gynecological complaint in the adolescent population. The prolonged, heavy, and/or unpredictable pattern of AUB can pose significant health risks if not treated appropriately. Understanding normal menstrual physiology forms the basis for identifying plausible causes of AUB, and a systematic approach to evaluation of AUB can aid in recognizing the acuity of the condition. Evaluation starts with obtaining a thorough history with complete physical exam, followed by appropriate testing with or without pelvic imaging. Severity and acuity of the underlying causes of AUB dictate treatment approaches with hopes to prevent costly and time-consuming hospitalizations. The best preventive measure is educating the patient and caregivers on monitoring menstrual cycles and recognizing when help is necessary.},
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